Spartacus is totally committed to using as many locally produced ingredients as we can find for our sandwiches business. It not only cuts down food miles, which is of course good for the environment, but it also provides us with ingredients for our business that we believe to be far superior to some of the mass produced rubbish that is in the market place. For example--

  • Our eggs come from Birchgrove in Trawscoed, which is an award winning free range egg producing farm, where the hens are permitted freedom to roam( you will not find better eggs), our ham comes from Ceredigion some of which is actually selected by the local butcher Rob Rattray Chalybeate st Aberystwyth.
  • We use two Welsh cheeses. An organic award winning caerphilli welsh cheese 'CAWS CENARTH', and Snowdonia mountain cheddar, which is a full flavoured mature cheddar.
  • In addition, we have started using chutneys and cranberry sauce from Symlog foods, which is a young local company producing the finest chutneys and sauces imaginable. Our rolls that we deliver to local shops are all made at The Hot Bread Shop in Chalybeate street Aberystwyth. They are all made fresh daily.

If it's quality, and if it's local, Spartacus will do everything possible to use it in our business. So, be sure to support our local producers ans come to Spartacus and SAVOUR THE DIFFERENCE.